Michel Roux visits Buffalo Ridge

During October 2014, we had the pleasure of welcoming Michel Roux Snr and his wife, together with Angelo Casu of Grand Dedale Boutique Hotel in Wellington, to Buffalo Ridge. The party were met by PJ Vadas, an award winning South African Chef well known in culinary circles.

Michel Roux Snr, OBE, is a French chef and restauranteur working in Britain. Along with his brother Albert, he opened La Gavroche and The Waterside Inn, both three Michelin starred restaurants. Michel’s son Alain and his nephew, Michel Jnr, a popular television star, have been awarded Michelin stars in their own right.

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Michel has been described as the godfather of modern restaurant cuisine in the UK and he has been inducted into several French orders and received 2 lifetime achievement awards from different publications. He regularly appears on TV cooking shows and has penned a number of cook books. Michel is credited by many award winning chefs as one of the most influential chefs in the world.